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By Stuart Weitzman Erica Petra Nubo Order Sale Online With Credit Card E8k55X

Your Sky TV guide has just been treated to a makeover. On May 1, Sky automatically reordered a big chunk of channels, and rolled out a handful of brand new sections.

The changes actually make a lot of sense and, in the long-term, they should make channels easier to find. But let’s face it, early on they’re going to cause a lot of confusion.

Here’s everything you need to know to avoid getting really frustrated and throwing your remote across the room.

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One of the biggest changes concerns Documentaries channels. Sky has moved the likes of Nat Geo HD, History HD and Discovery HD to the main section of the TV guide, where they now sit alongside regular Entertainment channels and are (hopefully) easier to find from the All Channels menu.

What’s more, Sky hasn’t ditched the dedicated Documentaries menu, so you’ve always got that to fall back on when you’re struggling to track down what you want.

Why has Sky made the change? It’s essentially because the likes of David Attenborough and Chris Packham have succeeded in making documentaries sexy.

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“As viewing habits and the types of programmes scheduled across all channels change over time, we need to review how we list channels in the TV Guide,” Sky says.

“The distinction between the programming on Documentaries channels and general entertainment programming has become less defined as more factual and factual-entertainment programmes are shown on the mainstream channels.”

Even better, any series links you’ve set will continue to record as normal, and when you visit your favourite channels they’ll be listed as normal, only updated with their new numbers.

Key new Documentary channel numbers:

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The easiest changes to get your head around are the ones that have been made to +1 channels. Sky has introduced a dedicated +1 menu in the TV guide, which lists all +1 channels from every genre.

In a deeply satisfying show of common sense, it has also aligned the channel numbers for Entertainment and Documentaries channels and their corresponding +1 channel on both Sky+ and Sky Q. It’s essentially a case of adding 100 to access the +1, so while you’ll find Sky One at 106, you’ll find Sky One +1 at 206.

It’s also oddly reminiscent of another work by Thanos’s creator, comics legend Cheap 2018 Cinch Ada in Indigo Indigo Get Y7KxRIP9U
. Starlin filtered his disillusionment with the pointlessness of the Vietnam War into his Metamorphosis Odyssey , in which the last member of a dying race decides the only way to stop an evil alien empire from conquering the Milky Way Galaxy is to destroy the galaxy entirely. The story was inspired in part by the remark made by an unnamed US officer about the destruction of the village ofBến Tre during the height of the Vietnam War: “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it.”

In Thanos’s mind, it became necessary to destroy the universe in order to save it. Or, at least half of it.

Do you think the MCU Thanos was true to comics origins? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios

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, as revealed in the comics.
Movie Thanos is getting an origin novel. Check out his Zensah Grit Running Socks Ankle Sporty Blue View For Sale Pre Order For Sale Cheap 100% Original Original Sale Online Visit For Sale 4wJeI


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I think the movie version of Thanos is a lot more engaging and interesting than the comics version. The movie version is selflessly (?) taking on a massive, dangerous, and bizarre quest because he honestly believes it will improve life in the long term for every living being in the galaxy. Although the logic of that does fall apart pretty spectacularly in a few key ways, it's still ultimately more interesting than him choosing to do all that just to impress a girl, even if that girl is the physical embodiment of death. Although one fan theory I would like to see with this version would be to have Hela be his version of death lol if only so we can see more of Blanchett as the character.

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